The New World

Imperial Brittany


The Empire of Brittany began settling the New World in the year 2320 AUC, under the eager auspices of Queen Elizabeth. The Virginia Company, named after the Virgin Queen who funded it, established Jamestown in the early spring. Three steamers filled with technology and supplies from the motherland disgorged its load and by summer, an entire city had been erected on the marshy land of the Powhatan River. It was during this hectic period of settlement that the first settlers initially encountered the Powhatan Confederacy, a small state of the Eastern Algonquin Nation.

The Powhatan informed the Britons that the arrival of the Pale Faces had been foretold. As long as the natives were not pushed out of their homes and peace was followed, the Britons could freely settle the coast of the Atlantic and the lands surrounding the Bay they called Chesapeake. However, any progress inland toward the mountains and beyond was made at the settlers own risk. The Eastern Algonkian Nation and a few others had taken a stance of peace, but there were other tribes who would not react the same, not to mention the natural hazards of the wilds.

A few year later, in the summer of 2323 AUC, the Baltimore Company based out of the Irish Isles, begins to build the Port of Baltimore near Locust Point, a settlement of the Patapsco tribe. Over the next several years the port and Locust Point merged into a large thriving city, rivaling Jamestown in size. The biggest difference between the two settlements is largely cultural and religious. The Port of Baltimore is filled with mostly Irish and Highland Scottish Britons, renowned for their superstition and lack of Christian beliefs. The Chapel of High Waters, and its followers, finds itself overwhelmed by monthly festivals celebrating old gods and fertility spirits, celebrations that often become huge when merged with Native beliefs. In a short time, the Baltimore settlers have adapted much more successfully with the New World than the more Christian Jamestown.

The New World

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