Thomas Monkhouse


Occupation: Butler

Height: 5’9
Weight: 140 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: late 20s/early 30s

Class: Dedicated Hero
Level: 3

Important Attributes:
Dexterity 15+
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 15+

Important Skills:
Treat Injury
Move Silently


Thomas has spent most of his life in the Burghley House of Cambridgeshire, England. He was born to a family of servants, his mother the Head Cook and father the Stable Master of Burghley House. From the age of four to ten, he was a helper to his mother in the kitchens; from age 10 to 18, Thomas served as a stableboy and groom under his father’s tutelage. At that time, he was promoted to the duties of Footman for the next six years of his life. His final post held was as a valet to the young Thomas Cecil, son to Baron Burghley and holder of a considerable fortune in Eastern Asia lands. Cecil Esq. was to be sent to oversee his families holdings in tea, silk, spices, and dyes and Thomas Monkhouse would accompany him as his valet.

Three years later, Thomas Cecil returns home in disgrace and Thomas Monkhouse is nowhere to be found. He has disappeared in the East and remains an enigma for four years, when he reappears within British society walking off a steamer in Jamestown’s harbor. No one knows what he had been doing all those years before showing up in the New World, but it seems now he has come to visit his recently widowed sister, Madeline Abbott.

Thomas Monkhouse

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