Madeline Monkhouse Abbott

A tall, striking woman with amber-hued eyes and braided auburn hair.


Occupation: Academic

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 130 Lbs.
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Light Brown (Amber)
Age: Late 20s

Classes: Charismatic Hero
Levels: 2

Notable Attributes:

Important Feats:

Important Skills:
Gather Information
Decipher Script


Madeline was the last child born to Mary Monkhouse. She was a scamp from the start. Most of her youth in the Burghley House Creche was spent climbing the trees in the orchard, playing “swords” with the boys, and racing at full speed through the gardens. This zest would soon be tempered when Maddy was put to work in the kitchens soon after her brother, Thomas, left for the stables. Too tired to play or climb, instead, Madeline took to novels of adventure and romance. At first, her mother would read her fairy tales before bed. But soon, the sharp mind of Maddy Monkhouse took over, and before the age of six, she was able to read almost anything on her own. She was rarely caught without a book, even in the kitchens. None of this seemed to hinder her astounding work ethic, however. It only seemed to give her the drive to work harder and dream bigger.

When she was seventeen, she caught the eye of a tradesman by the name of Ethan Abbott. He was an intelligent man in his mid-twenties, and an agent of Thomas Cecil for trade in the New World. Though Ethan was on the outer edge of propriety for marriage with Madeline, being a somewhat prosperous trader, he was smitten with her strong features and feline eyes. He spent nearly a year wooing her and convincing her to leave her family for the New World with him. At age 18, Maddy Monkhouse, the dreamer and scamp became Madeline Abbott, a shining example of a strong British wife.

Seven year in the New World opened Maddy’s eyes to the dreams she had envisioned in her youth. Here was a place of possibility and magic, and she would spend it with a man she loved dearly. While Ethan was away on the waves of the Atlantic, Madeline kept an immaculate household filled with books, Native art, and polished British furniture. She was a backbone to the middle class of Jamestown and a very respected go-between for the Natives nearby. Then Ethan did not come back. His ship was lost somewhere near the coast of Bermuda, suspected to be the victim of pirates. Madeline was suddenly without income and without family. Income saved was used to pay debts and all she has left is her home and some of the former glory within…

Madeline Monkhouse Abbott

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