Clayton Darsey


Occupation: Cosmopolitan

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 160 Lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue (piercing)
Age: Late 20s

Classes: Tough Hero
Levels: 3

Notable Attributes:
Dexterity: 16+
Constitution: 14+
Intelligence: 14+

Important Feats:
Personal Firearms Proficiency
Point Blank Shot

Important Skills:


Clayton Darsey is the seventh child to the Sixth Baron de Wahull and Penelope Howard, a cousin to the Duke of Norfolk. He has four older brothers, the eldest being George, and two older sisters, Elizabeth and Clare. Being the last baby to his mother, who was nearly 40 when she conceived, Clayton was often doted upon and allowed to be as wild as he chose. He spent most of his youth climbing trees and roaming the Chiltern Hills. His brothers often went looking throughout the countryside of Bedfordshire to find a Clayton who had been missing for days on end, often finding him covered in clay and hunting animals.

When his father died, Clayton was left with his much older brother, George, as the Baron at Wode Hall. George made it his purpose to civilize his wild-child brother, inundating him with tutors. These tutors often found their bed-chambers visited by skunks and snakes, driving them away after little more than a month on the job. When he reached the age of majority, 18, Lady Penelope gathered all the funds she had at her disposal and sent Clayton to the mainland.

The Honorable Clayton Darsey disappears from polite society for nearly ten years. There is much murmurings in London society that he was dead, in Africa, traveling Asia, joined the Viking hordes, etc. The family at Wode Hall has not spoken against or for any of the musings of society, keeping their silence. That is until he reappears at Jamestown in the New World…

Clayton Darsey

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