Chackauene "Otter" Thorpe


Occupation: Primitive

Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 130 Lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Age: Late teens

Classes: Strong Hero/Dedicated Hero
Levels: 2/1

Notable Attributes:

Important Feats:
Two-Weapon Fighting
Weapon Focus (Quarterstaff)

Important Skills:
Sense Motive


Otter has had a rough life. Her mother was a Powhatan woman who died during childbirth, and her father was Miles Thorpe. Until a year ago, she was living with her father in a cabin near Jamestown, helping him with his trapping and hunting business. One day he did not come home, and after several stories of puma encroachment by the Natives, Otter knew he was not coming back. She was good at her father’s business, but a woman alone in the outskirts of civilization was asking for trouble. So one day she wandered into the city with a hand-wagon filled with furs and moccasins, all that she had to sell in the world.

No one knows much about her, and Otter does not encourage friendships. The only person she seems to trust is the Widow Abbott who has given her room and board in her home. To many, especially the good-wives of Jamestown, the relationship seems unnatural…

Chackauene "Otter" Thorpe

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